Yatharthasatya Gau Suraksha Dal are group of cow devotees who voluntary serves for protect of cows by direct fight with killers of cows on the roads. As president of Yatharthasatya Gau Suraksha Dal of Delhi which is registered society under society act, I protected more than thoushands of cows from killing since 2010. More than 500 cases against cows killers was filed in many states. There are lots of cases have been also filed against me as president of Gau Raksha Dal Punjab for protection of cows. But I did not fear from this, because I am saving my mother and other devotees are with me who took risk of life for protection of cows.

Our Need

1st : We need financial support for Yatharthasatya Gau Suraksha Dal because we have fight against killers in court for giving them punishment.

2nd : For catching and stopping with fighting on road with cow killers, we need large numbers of vehicles.

3rd : For expenses of whole time devotees who are ready to die for protection of cows.

4th : For promotion of protect of cows from cow killers, we operate seminars, conference and also give lecture in schools, colleges and jimidars of villages. We provide awareness of importance of cows for each family of each student.


Kindly Help of Holly Cow 2 Rs Per Day

You can get the blessings of lard Shri Krishna if you contribution financial or any other way which is mentioned by us in following ways. 

1. You can give us donation by deposit donation money in our following Gau Raksha Dal bank account


Name:-  YatharthaSatyaDharmeswar Charitable trust
ICICI Bank  023905003162
Axis Bank 910010026830226
SBI BANK 30999191981








ग्वाला दूध दुह चका था और अब थन को, बद- बद निचोड़ रहा था. उधर खटे से बधा बछडा भख से बिलबिला रहा था. इसे देखकर ममता ममताई गाय कछ कसमसाई. उसकी ममता उभर आयी. ...

उसने अपना एक पैर उठाया, ग्वाले ने पीठ पर डंडा चलाया. भूखे बछड़े की आँखों में तब गर्म खून उतर आया. फिर संवेदनशील गाय ने ही उसे समझाया, बेटा! अब दूध की आस छोड़, तू चारे से अपनी भूख मिटा. यह मानव तो बहुत भूखा है.. दूध और अन्न की कौन कहे कभी-कभी, बालू-सीमेंट- सरिया- पुल और सड़क भी पचा जाता है. फिर भी इसकी भूख नहीं मिटती, पेट नहीं भरता. मुझे तो बुढापे तक सहनी है इसकी पिटाई. जब हो जाउंगी अशक्त, ले जाएगा मुझे कोई कसाई. फिर भी भूल जाती सबकुछ , जब यह पुचकारता है मुझे कहता है -'माँ'और'माई'